EOS 2019

23/03/2019 by in Nyheder

The scientific programme is divided into four topics: genetics and orthodontics, occlusion – stability and the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), lingual orthodontics and free topics. Genetics is a field of research and progress for the future of orthodontics. Many unanswered questions will find their solutions in genetic research, including the question of growth potential and its prediction. Occlusion, stability and the TMJ are at the heart of our concerns. By giving the necessary time to these subjects and sharing the experience of prestigious keynote speakers, we will enrich ourselves with new data. Lingual orthodontics is a more clinical topic involving digital technology. Mastering these advances will result inimmeasurable improvement whatever our practices may be. Free topics will be, as usual, the expression of the creative spirit and the most advanced research in our specialty.

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